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im back

hello its been a while sorry, life got very busy near the end of 2nd year, now im settling in to 3rd year i thought id get back in to my blog hopefully  you will enjoy the work i will be doing in the  coming year


more images

other images

catch up

been a while  terrible i know keep forgetting to up date this so here gos, still using photomontage  to create random images to go with the random texts, the once last time started to go down the poster and magazine image route which i didnt want, so when back down the randomest possible route that i could.

random generator

im continuing with the random generator idea ive had some sucsessful and some not so images,  the first images i did   had  old news paper clippings randomly selected with modern text placed on to them keeping to goldsmiths idea of old  and newer,  and no need to make ur own just reuse the exisiting and make it your own, also keeping to the snippets of converstions and keeping the viewer guessing whats happening in the picture.


i have been looking alot at different ways of collecting language, the 3 that i am consintrating on are text messages i receive, my thoughs as i walk and people that i over hear in the street, snippets of conversations that i catch.  kenneth goldsmith says “the world is full of text, ore or less interesting; i do not wish to add anymore, he has taken this from douglas huebler, so says the same but about objects,

with this in mind i have been reusing images or and newer which are still old because they where not originally mine, and with a random selection process placing these with some of the new converstion snippets that i have herd, in a complete random act, giving the viewer a completely new situation to look at an wonder what is happening.

kenny g

been looking in to alot of kenneth goldsmiths writing , finding his work really fasinating and himself , watched a film by artist simon morris on him and he dos everything as a performance. he set up this wed site and its an amazing site to find films on artists and writers . in his works he takes old text and rewrites it to make it new he published books from different soures. the new york times, vogue, everymovment his body made in a 13 hour period and my favorite  soliloquy, every word he spoke in a week. he say you cant physically read my books all the way through so long as you get what there about that good enough for me.

new project

new project is under way, im continuing on with my work in to  language and text, i have loads new idea for writing but trying to get them in to art works is what i have to think about,  at the moment im writing everything down that pops in to my head as i walk on my own this is proving difficult,

im also writing down snippets of conversations i hear  in the street from people been doing this for an hour a day, its been really funny experience, some people even stop talking  as they walk past me  because they see me with pen and note pad, hopeflly il have some images soon,